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Making “making love” sexy again – for Entrepreneurs, Survivors and Other Serious Seekers

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Wise Intimate Connections Workshops – for Entrepreneurs, Survivors and Other Serious Seekers


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What is Wise Intimacy & Why Do I Need It?

Wise Intimacy, (or Wise Intimate Connections), is the deep dynamic form of emotional, sensual and/or sexual relationships we have with ourself, our body-mind-spirit, our loved ones, our environment and with the Universe.  It may be sensual and/or sexual and it is built by all the little and big here-and-now moments of our lives.  Intimacy has to be responsible to ourself and to others, to be Wise.  Simon Sinek says that there is never one moment we become really [intimate], but at some point, we know it happened.  Wise Intimacy brings us to our deepest vulnerabilities and makes us real and alive.  We have to stress that Wise Inimacy is not always sexual or it wouldn’t be wise.

Do you ever dream that “making love” would be sexy again?

What if you don’t?  What’s the price you’re paying for NOT investing in your intimate life?  What’s the emotional price?  What’s the physical price?  What’s the spiritual price?  What’s the worst consequence if you don’t?

  • You may be in pain, because of the disconnection from your Self and from others;
  • You may need to improve your skills when it comes to connecting with yourself and your loved ones;
  • You may even be an IT peep and you intuitively wonder about anything still personal, about you, yourself, and your inner life;
  • In times of “losing” in your life, you may be left only with the inner action of developping resourceful, personal Wise Intimate Connections;
  • In an era when digital communication defines our lives, you may have to count on Wise Intimacy to keep yourself fully Human;
  • You may be longing, for real, deep, meaningful connections;
  • You may need to be reminded that YOU are a resourcefull, wise intimate being in your different relationships;
  • You may need to connect with this Wise-Intimate-You, to check if it’s safely and strongly vulnerable and honest. Will you accept it’s invitation to become wiser, more authentic and able of more safe vulnerability?


  • “Don’t we all need to recover from a lack of intimacy?
    Do we have the full understanding of the intricacy of intimacy to analyze it, or to criticize it just yet, unless we let our ego take a hike…?”  (Inspired by Ken Wapnick, Ph.D.)
  • Could developing Wise Intimate Connections be a challenge you would like to raise to?
  • If you say yes to any of these items, you may need a breakthrough in Wise Intimacy, honesty, authenticity and vulnerability.
  • If [intimacy] is easy, [wise intimacy] won’t be worth it. If [intimacy] is worth it, [wise intimacy] won’t be easy”.  (Inspired by Bob Marley)
  • The reading and processing of the following material may not always be easy as well.  I compassionately invite you to raise, to it’s level.

Let’s see how we can help you become Wisely Intimate and better connect!

and remember:  “Nothing in this process is never wasted, people will sense how prepared you are”.  (Robert Green)

“Are you in a significant-for-you relationship that you want to deepen at an even more mindful and meaningful level?”

“Have you met someone? Have you met someone you deeply feel for? Have you met someone you want to go significantly further with?”

“Are you just tired of all the faster, bolder, stronger, younger and superficially commercial trend when it comes to love and sex?”

“Are you pushed by your loved one to be more present?”

“Is it time to become open, vulnerable, surrendered in strength, all of this feeling, that you have the strongest safety net ever, to do so?”

“Are you ready, for the intricate, complex, deeply satisfying and still reachable experience of intimacy?”

“Is it time to « just face it » and…. to get to this strong, existential, authentic, deep moving, quiet golden gifted place inside where you can deeply meet, the other one?”

“Has « real life » hit? Has deep inner phobia (or shame, or guilt, or fear, or anxiety, or even flashbacks, or…) ever sneaked in the picture while you were doing your inner search, by yourself, or with a loved one…?”

“Do you want your intimate relationships to be real: deeper, warmer, and increasingly patient, mindful, spiritual, mature and grown up? ”

“Is it time to put healthy boundaries, when it comes to mature, responsible, grown up, mindful, sensual and sexual intimacy? How do we put and secure this quality of boundaries? How do we process with it? How do we progress, with that?”

““Since we’re all (at least a bit) phobic about what’s going on inside, we often need coaching and guidance, to reach that state of wise dynamic inner harmony with the One Intimate Self that feels so good.” — Cilvy 2017”

““You have sought freedom, and now you have realized that freedom comes through working to achieve inner perfection [of your Intimate Self] not through seeking fame and fortune. You have completed the basic work.” — Carol Bridges, (1991) “The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook”, p. 72.”

“Do you want to Dance to the end of Love (with Cohen whispering it in your inner ear)?”

“Who do we recruit to be in our corner, to support us? Who do we want to be our Wise Intimacy Coach?”

“Do you want to be intimate, really intimate, first with yourself, and then with that special person in your life?”

“Do you want to have a break from all the electronics and go inside in the quest of wise intimacy leading to intimate wisdom?”

“"We are no longer in an information society. We are drowning, in informations. We are starving for Wisdom. So getting to that stuff that matter, that's this is about." (Tony Robbins - Find Your Passion)”

“Do you need more connected, authentic, wise human contacts?”

“Do you need to work on your deep relationship unfinished businesses?”