My areas of expertise in Sexology:


Sexology is the science that studies sexuality in all its aspects.  So there are as many ways to practice Sexology as there are aspects of it.  Sexology is not regulated in Canada, outside of the province of Québec.  So anybody can be called a Sexologist and sadly many do so without the proper and complete education.  I earned a Baccalaureate and a Master’s Degree in “Sexologie” from “Université du Québec à Montréal”.

For me, there is NOTHING, that counts more than a breakthrough when it comes to the practice of Sexology!  I LOOOOVE teaching and coaching and seeing stars in our students’ and coachees’ eyes.  On the counselling and therapy side, I prefer to work with both individuals and couples.  (I have worked with incestuous families in the past in a team setting, but it usually takes a team to do so and it’s not very practical nor safe, in private practice.  I may chose to work with very brave families recovering from sexual trauma according that 1- I secure a willing Supervisor to back my team up to make sure it is safe to do so, and 2- that this family is openly willing and able to put the time, the effort, the financial investment and the discipline to do so.)

I strongly prefer working with committed people who already have done some difficult work on themselves and ended up being stuck at some point in their sexual development and fulfillment.  You may be in need of Sex-Counselling and Sex-Therapy because of lack of proper sexual education, or because of having survived a minor or a major (sexual or emotional) trauma.  It may very well be because of menopause and andropause or because of any kind of surgery that will affect your sex drive or ability to perform.  “Transformative sexual conflict resolution” will help people deal with the management of their sexual relationships in times of relational trouble.

I strongly believe in Mindfulness.  I have personally been meditating since 1973 (I was young in my body back then…), and I continued to meditate because they told us as early as in 1984 in Sexology that this is what correlated the best with a satisfying sex life.  These are my reasons to teach Mindfulness (and humour) in all related sexual matters.  You see, when I started studying Sexology, our Professors told us that the meta-analysis reported that people who were praying, meditating, practicing yoga, running marathons and the like, were reporting a more satisfying sex life.  The very belief that Mindfulness would bring a more satisfying sex life kept me going even more at meditating and training as an athlete and it kept me on track since.  I am glad I did because it helps address my question of deepening Wise Intimacy.  And mindfulness helps all the sexual matters we can work on.  This includes all sorts of sexual difficulties and ailments.

I am at my best working with challenges and resillience.  I thrive at helping people develop Effective-Safety-Nets they will use in their sexual life.  I know I fill my purpose when clients are asking for creative ways to adapt their situation to their own needs and wishes.  I often have been told that this is a “gift” of mine, because I appear to be helping people find or develop creative adapted resources.  I have been described as a “Resource Dispatcher” in session, since I seem to have a gift for dispatching inner and outer resources.  So if you want the best I can offer, bring on your challenges and if you take the time, if you keep your eyes on your purpose with my support, and if you have the discipline, we will do the best we can with what you have as a challenge.