Thank Yous to:


1st of all, my Tintin for always having been oh so respectful and so very courageously honest and deeply caring and absolutely loving with me.  Tintin was the one who first recognized the light in me and the empath he said I was.  I always wanted to have a direct line with the Source (his “Good God”) like he tought me to, at 4 years old.  The older I get, the more I believe he was a form of angel or even of ascended master.

My sweetheart of a youngest daughter, for her very special unconditional love like only an angelic being as she is can give.  Whatever I did or she did, we always forgave each other within minutes.  We both concluded that she is one of my soul sister.  She prides herself as being my oldest sister from a previous life time.  (She likes bragging about that one…)  We have been sharing in numerous dimensions in numerous universe for as long as we can “remember”, which is probably forever!  I am her mother in this actual life time and you know how much I love playing that role with her….. lol!!!

My oldest adopted daughter for her very special appearance in my life.  Our love has been challenging at best, and it makes us both grow exponentially;

My very own BFF Sue, as another unconditional in my life.  Sue is my person.  She will always be.  Like even if we live 8 hours apart, we show up with the same bathing suit on a camping trip…  With Sue, I could practice the big highs and the sad lows of “a best friend for life” knowing it was going to be “for life“.  Of course, she knows way too much about me to ever let her go… lol!;

Mamie Mado for having adopted us when we needed it the most and therefore giving my yougest a grand-mother and giving me a Safety Net, even if we only were the daughter and grand-daughter of her triplet sister;

Both my Al-Anon Sponsors (M-A and M) for having been the big sisters I never had and replaced parts of my mother at times of dire need;  to my second sponsor who even at times was very sick, made sure I stayed connected to my Program all the time.  Also to her predecessor who paved the way in such the deerest sweet way I couldn’t fail for long 😉

Aunt Ruth for literally telling my mother off when my mother was smothering me and trying too hard to control my life back into my father’s reach.  Ruth also decided I needed to learn the skills to live a normal life and still to this day, laughs at how I folded my rags when dusting…;

Uncles Fernand, André and Clément, for saving my life like only very lovingly appropriate uncles could have at the time I needed them to be.  I also want to thank the two other aunts who also were there at their time when I was very challenged by my parents:  the strong twins Jeanne and Louise;

Nicole Désaulniers and her sidekick of a husband Raymond Lamy, for having both been at the beginning of my discovery that there was more in the spiritual life than what I knew at the time;

Gérard Grenier, who so believed in me that he made me his “Co-President” of the “International Master Swim Meets at the Montréal Olympic Pool” and other events at the tender age of 25.  He was one of the best mentor I could ever have had and he was the gentleman I needed to learn from, outside of the house.  Would you guess that I still remember the sandwiches he would bring me for lunches on route for our business meetings (and some of them were “sardines” ones?);

My very own “little sister” (from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Association) Christina Tannier who helps me believe in being able to be a wonderful parent even more when I never had one;  as far as I am concerned, she perfectionned the being a single mother (father being on the Spectrum) even if her own mother was hospitalized long term for having tried to kill her and her younger brother;

The very strong women that are my cousins Lise, France et Pascale, Nathalie et Martine, for whom I have the greatest “estime” for being the strong women they are, and with whom I was never alone when we were connecting;

The sweet angel of a soul of Danica P., for being so refreshing and genuine in her search of her truth and her love for everybody around her;

Céline Émond, my very first Psychotherapist who gave me my voice and to whom I owe to have lived “poor” for a long time, for having paid my dues to her with taking clients “pro-bono” like she did at times with me… lol!

Bette Nuss, my last Psychotherapist who pushed further to make sure I was using the voice and the light I hid so well inside of me;

Manon Larose, my homeopath who was just there at the right time to help me heal from environmental poisonning and the rest of the stresses in my body;

My short term Strategic Intervention Coach Paula Huntertajlo who would not take bullshit for an answer and all the super wonderful souls I met at the Business Mastery Las Vegas 2018;

All my so precious students and supervisees who helped me learn (again) through them, [and equally to all every single one of my so courageous clients], with whom we learned, hopefully with success, to manage life one session at a time.  To all of you who made me practice what Richard Bach states as: “You teach the best, what you need to learn the most”;

All my clients for super obvious reasons of having help me help them.  I would not be the therapist and the coach I am had they not be the clients they were;

All the souls and beings who paradoxically helped me, by being there for me to project that miserability of my ego on them; for helping me learn to be the best I could be, even when I could only be struggling to not be the-worst-my-ego-is with them.