Why do I Coach on Wise Intimacy and not just on sex?


First and foremost, Intimacy is my first love and is the reason I chose Sexology as a field of Study.  So, I chose to not coach only on sex because I am not interested in solely doing Sex Coaching.  I love challenges!  I am very passionate about the deepest human experience people can share, and to my understanding with my professional experience, education, researches and personal path, it is with intimacy that it happens.

I always felt called to share my own Core Gifts and I achieve that by helping you develop your own Core Gits of Wise Intimacy in your personal environment protected by your “Safety Net“.  If you engage yourself to actively and safely practice in your own conditions, we will debrief and find solutions in session.  It is with coaching intimacy that I am at my very best and this is what I want to offer you.

Now to answer the question, intimacy can use a lot of possible tools to reach it’s deepest point (no pun intended) and of course, sensuality and sexuality are two of them.  This is why we need a Specialized Coach that will make sure you build a “Safety Net” that will protect you as humanly as possible in your experiencing your Wise Intimacy at your own safe pace in your own safe environment.  To most human being, it takes a more specialized coaching to develop Wise Intimacy than just be coached to get by with “average sex”!  Also, intimacy is such a special niche that when you get to that point, you usually are committed to actively participate in your coaching sessions and give it your best to attain the deepest level you can for yourself and your relationships in your own unique surrounding.

If somebody only wants to know what to do and how to do it when it comes to average sex, it is very easy to just “Google it”!