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Cilvy Dupras

M.A. (Sexologie), Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO), Clinical Member (OSP), Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM), Family Professional (OCLF) in progress.

Welcome to my page to meet me before you meet me!


Short version:  I really love it when I see you getting breakthroughs in wise intimate relationships with yourselves, with others, and with the Universe, wherever you come from or whatever happened to you.  I am really curious about who you are and who you are becoming at your best.  My heart rejoices as much, when the breakthroughs help couples and families heal together or separate wisely and find ways to have a creatively transformed future for all the members of your re-structured family, starting with your children.

Lonnnnger version:  With all the coaching experience I acquired starting at 13 yo, nobody was surprised when I got my Teaching Certification. At the completion of my B.A. and with my experience of working in Psychiatry, Delivery Room and E.R. at the regional hospital to pay for my education, I ended up being a 21 year old Sexologist. (And it still cracks me up!)  Soon I earned my M.A. in Sexologie from Université du Québec in Montréal.  At first, I began practicing in Montréal in 1983, teaching Human Sexuality and counselling High School students who were concerned with their sexuality. What else do you do, when you’re this young a Sexologist and have all these certifications in teaching and coaching…? I was adamant I needed to learn English to better serve more clients, so I left the Province of Québec and the hospital, soon after I graduated from my Masters.

I finally was old enough to earn my maturity to work with adults.  With a passion for helping people in a wide variety of experiences relating to intimacy, sensuality, and sexual relationships and with an equal passion developed working at the hospital in Specialty Wards and working with the teens for helping recovering overstressed, harassed, lacking skills, abused and traumatized individuals, I opened a private practice to offer counselling and therapy. In order to do so, I moved to Ottawa (Canada) first, to complement my practice by teaching at Algonquin College and at La Cité Collégiale. Since I am at the very tail of the Baby Boom and since full time positions were already in scarcity, I later continued West to North Bay at Canadore College and then to Sudbury at Collège Boréal.

It is at that period that I worked as the “Sexologist in residence” for 10 years, at the French component of the North Bay HalfWay House. (Thanks a lot Pierre, Lynne, Georges, and Soeur Elaine for that “oh-so-ever-precious” opportunity of working with a recovery dream team!) It was so neat, to be able to use all my skills for recovery purpose in a very “open and compassionate” way.  This is when professionals started saying:  “When we don’t know what to do with a client, we send this client to Cilvy”.

All this travelling West lead me to enjoy my full time practice in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, in 1997. I did everything I could to personalize and adapt my practice with the teachings of the « experts ».  I always loved helping valiant clients living with various degrees of stress, all sorts of conflicts, P.T.S.D. and Personality Disorders. I ended up accumulating lots of knowledge working with courageous “Adult Children”.  My coaching experience helped me teach with passion all the skills they are so lacking in their life.  I also had a way to use metaphors for my clients to better understand and re-process what was going on in their own life to get to their own breakthroughs when available and possible.  I seem to have developped a way to organize people stories of their experience so they can have breakthroughs and make wiser decisions with my version of the ICES.  I became known as the “Resources Dispatcher” as I help people look dauntlessly for most valuable inner and outer resources around them and use these resources courageously.

I added a full Ontarian Accreditation in Family Mediation and I am now working to complete my Collaborative Law Family Professional Membership because I love, helping people who are so bravely willing, arrive at a transformative conflict resolution.

At 7 years old, watching “Jeannette veut savoir” (Jeannette Wants to Know) teaching on women’s positive body image relating to the world, I decided I was going to do what she was doing.  As an adult, I now word it as wanting to help people make have a soul experience “making love” sexy again.  It took me a lifetime to realize that it takes a lifetime – at least a deep engagement, to prepare for really being “Wisely Intimate”.  I continue to specialize as a “Wise Intimacy” Coach for Entrepreneurs, Survivors and other Serious Seekers in recovery (and most of us are…)   My basic questions are:  How can all people be wisely intimate”, or “What are ALL the blocs of intimacy and how can people remove them?”  This is why I became so diversified in my practice: we never know what is needed beforehand.  And sadly, a crystal ball doesn’t come with the licences!  So, I never stopped learning.  I just can’t.  Since I so thrive at learning new concepts and mixing them with the previous ones to answer my basic question, I became quite eclectic over time in my practice.  I use a wide variety of approaches, including CBT, DBT, EFT, EMDR, Narrative and Existential Therapies to name a few. I perform them with as much humour, metaphors and Mindfulness as humanly possible. I practice Psychotherapy in Ontario with a licence from the College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO). In 2017, with the help of the technology, I added Counselling, Consulting, Coaching and Psychotherapy online, PIPHA Compliant to serve as many of you as possible.  Because I started on the “Vic 20” at 18 years old and graduated on the “Commodore 64” later on, and because my first husband was studying “Informatique de gestion” and I was editing all his papers, I always kept in touch with technology.  This is one of the most usefull skill I keep, in this era of Digital Communication.

To re-paraphrase Karen Pape, a very famous Pediatrician who worked with Neuroplasticity: “It took most of my career to figure out what’s it’s all about“.  And my function always was about coaching, therapy and wise intimate connection with Self and others. I’ve always been committed to Mastery and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not about to change.

We hope to see you soon!

Loraine Vincent

Client Assistant

Loraine is the sweetest, nicest, most patient assistant there could be. She was with me 10 years earlier and had to quit for health reasons. Well, because of our connection, she missed us so much, that she came back with us. Loraine has 2 tasks: Find the best openings for our clients, and support me support you. And she does just that. 🙂