Consulting for Agencies and Recovery Institutions Services


When one of our inmate, or patient, or client, is struggling with a difficulty with sexuality, very often, we are at a loss.  Be it obsession and compulsion related to anything sexual (many of us refer to it as “sex-addiction”), or be it recovering from any type of sexual trauma or getting sober and realizing that one was once abusing sexually, we very often don’t know where to start to help them stay on the path of recovery.  There are not many Professionals who offer services to Agencies and Recovery Institutions with expertise in both sexuality and recovery.

My 10+ years, servicing as a Sex Therapist and a Psychotherapist “Le Pavillon de North Bay” (the former French component of the “North Bay HalfWay House“), my personal recovery work and my love for helping fellow recovering people qualifies me to do the job.

I am just a phone call away.  We are equipped with ONCall Health to maintain security and confidentiality with you and your patient / client / inmate.