How do we become wisely and authentically connected?

This is a question that comes back more and more often in my practice.  The answer is:  “with LOTS of courage“.  And lots of courageous practice.  Would anybody believe that they just can get the oven on and be the head chef of a 5 stars restaurant with 3 days of practice?  Or that they put figures skates on for the first time and become instantaneously an Olympic Champion?  As a society, we now have to learn back the skills to become wisely and authentically connected.  And at times, we need super hero courage, to apply these skills.  Don’t you want to get some expert coaching on the process?  What about experiencing Wise Intimate Connection in one of the experimental workshop?

As we increasingly get to deal with the electronic gizmos and Artificial Intelligence, we appear to be losing significant connections with our closed ones.  We need to learn to get those practices back in our lives if we want to stay “humans“.  Our world is at the treshold of unreversable changes, when it comes to artificial intelligence and digital transformations.  We are predicted that we will go from “disconnected”, to using digital, to wearing digital, to implanting digital, to a hive mind before 2050, according to Gerd.  So, we need to build our courage to become wisely and autehntically connected with the safeguard of a Safety Net, of course!

Most of us just can’t send the electronics flying because it’s still very practical.  And when our phone (or Google, for that matter) will get implanted, it’s going to be even more difficult to “disconnect” from the technology to “reconnect” with our fellow human beings.  You are actually connecting to me through your electronics right this moment.  It just is not the same, if we don’t deeply and courageously connect personally to re-enforce the love we share through our electronics 🙂