Wise Intimacy Workshops – Levels 1 to 4 +


Are you longing or even craving for “Wise Intimate Connections”?

We conceived this series of Workshops (Levels 1 to 4 plus specialized modules) with you in mind, to help you find wise and healthy ways to experience intimacy at numerous levels.  Each one of us, including you, already have inside what it takes to be intimate.  But very few of us know how to wisely live with intimacy.

These workshops focus on your abilities to live your intimacy by removing the blocks for intimacy.  They are about filling the gaps in your knowledge and skills.  They are about addressing the pain of feeling isolated and unconnected.  With your active and committed participation, you will be able to recognize the lacks your education never fulfilled.  We, in our care for you, teach you how to put together and use the Safety Net you need to become wisely intimate.  We also provide you with a safe and healthy environment to wisely practice the skills.  Some skills are practiced in private settings and some skills are practiced in group, according to the level of “privacy” that each activity require.  You come to the workshops for the healthy and responsible courageous experience of wise intimate connections in a safe and secure environment.  You will leave with what you practiced.  Each workshop lasts 3 or more days and you come alone or with somebody you care for.

We put everything humanly possible in place to protect everyones boundaries, including your confidentiality.

Level 01:  Wise Intimacy With “Me”;

Level 02:  Wise Intimacy With “You”;

Level 03:  Wise Intimacy For “Us”;

Level o4:  Wise Intimacy expanded to Spiritual Growth;

Level 05+:  Passionate About Teaching Wise Intimacy (T4T);

Level 01 adjustedWise Intimacy With “Me” for Survivors of Trauma and Addictions;

Level 02 adjusted:  Wise Intimacy With “You” for Survivors of Trauma and Addictions;

Level 06:  Passionate About Teaching Wise Intimacy for Survivors of Trauma and Addictions (T4T);

+ 01:  Wise Intimacy “on the Spectrum” (ASD):  it’s possible!

+ 02:  Wise Intimacy with “Gender Variations” (LGBT2S+);

+ 03:  Wise Intimacy for Empaths – critical vibrational knowledge;

+ 03:  Wise Intimacy workshop that fits your specific needs.

You come to the workshop for the experience of Brave, Wise, Healthy, Mature and Responsible Intimate Connections.  You responsibly take what you need and you responsibly leave the rest!