How do we qualify as “a Survivor” or as a “Serious Seeker” or even as “being in Recovery”?

And most of us are, survivors…

and for sure, we’re almost all a bit phobic about what’s going on deep inside!  And the digital revolution will NOT, make it easier for sure!

My guess is that if you did not see yourself as a survivor and/or a serious seeker, you would have never read this far.  So here is the space and time to give yourself the credit for bravely build the courage to recognize yourself at this point in your life 🙂  Actually, most of the entrepreneurs I know are adamantly acting on their Core Gifts, in order to intrepidely heal the world from an injustice they themselves lived through 🙂  I absolutely admit that I don’t know all, the entrepreneurs and yes, some I know work more on their own little selves than on their “goal to audaciously better serve in life”, but most are taking hard steps recovering one way or the other.  Most entrepreneurs, serious seekers, survivors and all of us in recovery are here to make sure we lay the way for others to open up and go further in their development, or in their letting go, or anything that makes us advance on the human and deep level, or spiritual pathway.

Really, I deeply believe that as long as we are alive and seeking deeper truth, we qualify.  But for having worked with so many people couragelously looking at their inner phobias for so long, I know that most valorous people in recovery from addictions (sexual or else), recovering from traumas and P.T.S.D., or living with Personality Disorders, or anything serious enough to be mentioned, are often the ones who end up looking for growth and being “serious fierce seekers of deeper meanings” when it comes to deep personal honesty in authenticity.  Actually for most of us, heroic survivors in recovery, and as long as there is honesty, we just have to, stubbornly become serious seekers if we want to stay sober, smober, and/or to heal and recover.  Same thing if we seriously want to bring something meaningful to the worl.  Actually for the ones who care, the “Big Book of AA” is quite clear about it.

At this point, I want to insist that I deeply believe that we are not guilty of what happened to us growing up.  Neither are we guilty of somebody crashing into our cars, or invading our houses, or raping us.  Nobody turns on a switch in the morning consciously saying:  “today’s the day I become a victim“!  [Well, I want to recognize here that ACIM students are a different breed on that one, but it’s for another page in a different world!]  So, the majority believes that we did not have consciously caused it, but still, we end up being responsible to valiantly do something positive, about it.     Whatever happened to us, we still have to become wisely responsible adults with what we do with the traumas or hardship we were victims of.  Here comes wisdom and maturity to be worked on.  And when I mean “do something with”, both researches and clinical wisdom show that we have to relentlessly push it to the “radical letting go” or “total forgiveness” point, if we really want to reach serenity and then, deep significant intimacy.  So please follow me a bit further:  nobody I know can do it alone.  I am not, saying that every soul can reach the deepest level, just yet.  Or reach it at any cost.  Or abuse or vise-versa put ourself in a position of forgetting and be re-abused to reach it.  I am just done, with lukewarm attempts that are going nowhere and that leave people in more pain than when they began with or bargain for.  “Radical letting go or total forgiveness” is a goal we can at least work on when we are at the point that nothing else has!

If there is one thing I learned in life up to this point is that:

Maturity is the capacity to live and manage discomfort with serenity,

while still able to offer to Self, Others, and the World,

the essence of Peace, Love and Respect.