Why does Wise Intimacy includes self-care?

Without self-care, intimacy just wouldn’t be wise.  Actually, self-care is one of the basic determinant of “Wise Intimacy” as well as self-care is the basic determinant in many other areas of life.  Without self-care, practicing a sport, being in a relationship, going to work, can be quite dangerous!  It is just that many people forget to put self-care at the start of intimacy.  Making it “wise” includes self-care.  Actively and fully participating in self-care is not just recommended, it is WISE and RESPONSIBLE and MATURE.  And ultimately leads to FREEDOM in intimacy.

In order to insure Wise Intimate self-care, we have to make sure we first have a strong Safety Net.  We also need to make sure you have a strong base knowledge and confidence on what you want to consent to in your own life, in your own environment, for your own purpose.