Sex Counselling, Therapy & Coaching for individuals and couples in time of digital revolution

“Telling is transformative.  When you let someone know what you have lived through and that person hears you with respect and genuine caring, you begin a process of change essential to healing.”
(Bass & Davis, Courage to Heal, p.106. – italiques are mine)

It is important to be as courageously honest as possible about the story we tell ourselves and others about what we went through.  If we don’t serously look at our conditionning with strong brave honesty, we function with solutions or stategies that were put in place at the time of the trauma(s).  But the trauma(s) is(are) often long gone.  And we still systematically apply the same solutions, hoping for different results.  And we too often apply solutions that a wise and responsible adult would not.  No electronics devices, implanted or not yet, will help us with that.  We know it at our deepest, core level.  At some point, only unflinshingly consulting an open, compassionate and educated non jugmental professional may help.


  • Have you ever used a headache or an urgent task as pretext in order to avoid sex?
  • Are you tired of always having to be the one to ask for sex?
  • Have you ever felt inadequate because you thought that you were not performing “right” sexually?
  • Are you afraid that your partner may be unfaithful?
  • Are you unfaithful in any shape or form?
  • Have you ever felt uneasy or awkward because of the size of your breasts or your genitals?
  • Have you ever been sexually harassed and/or assaulted?
  • Are you afraid your sex life is over due to any kind of physical challenges, including menopause, prostate cancer or any other cause?
  • Do you believe that drugs or alcohol wisely enhances your sexual performance?
  • Do you have problems related to Cyber-sex?
  • Do you keep questioning all over again your sexual orientation or your identity and roles?
  • Are you afraid or ashamed by your sexual fantasies, tastes, ideas or practices?
  • Have you ever suffered panic attacks around sexuality without knowing why?
  • Are you afraid you could be engaged in illegal sexual activities?

Individual or marital sessions with a Sexologist may be the solution you are looking for!

Specialized Services in Sexology:

In session, we can address with you:

  • Feelings of shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc., when it comes to sex;
  • Having had no, little or biased sexual education;
  • Difficulties performing any sexual activity because of body issue;
  • Sexual difficulties in the couple;
  • Difficulties in finding a new partner;
  • Difficulties with sexual fantasies and variations or with “alternatives” practices;
  • Sex outside of the couple in all it’s possible variations if you believe in monogamy;
  • Questions around  polyamorous practices;
  • Sex solely or mostly on the Internet;
  • Sexual addictions;
  • Deviant sexual behaviour;
  • Sexual harassment and assault both as a victim or as a perpetrator;
  • Sexual and Gender difficulties with identities and roles;  etc.